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HT-SERIES Line-Up Product

Daftar Harga & Katalog Produk PABX Panasonic HT-series beserta Perangkat Pendukungnya
NoProdukUraianHarga (Rp)
1KX-TES824NDtutorial pabx bandung (1)Head Unit PABX Kap 3 lines 8 Ext - Expandable to 8 Lines 24 Ext.2.750.000
2KX-T7730tutorial pabx bandung (1)Key Telephone, LCD, 12 Key, Speakerphone dll850.000
3KX-T7703X/Bkx-t7703-single-line-telephone-with-lcd-panasonic-original-imafah6hhsggsep9PBX Telephone, LCD 2 lines, Caller ID350.000
4KX-T7705X/BKX-T7705XPBX Telephone, LCD 2 lines, Caller ID, Speakerphone450.000
5KX-T7716X/BKX-T7716W_img_01PBX Telephone, LCD 3 lines, Caller ID, Ringer/Message Lamp, Speakerphone, One Touch
Dial Buttons
6KX-T7740XKX-T7740X dss consoleDSS Console 60 key1.975.000
7KX-TE82480XKX-TE82480Trunk & Extension Card 2-Port Analogue CO Lines and 8-Port SLT 2.250.000
8KX-TE82483X Trunk & Extension Card 3-Port Analogue CO Lines and 8-Port Hybrid Ext. Card 2.500.000
9KX-TE82491XMessage Expansion Card for OGM1.650.000
10KX-TE82492X2-Channel Voice Message Card 3.750.000
11KX-TE82494X KX-TE82494X3-Port Caller ID Card 985.000
12KX-TE82460XKX-TE82460X2-Port Doorphone Interface Card *1 1.050.000
13KX-TE82461XKX-TE82460X4-Port Doorphone Interface Card *2 1.850.000
14KX-A227KX-A227Back Up Battery Cable 400.000
15BOX-TA308BOX-TA308Terminal Box support 3 lines and 8 extensions 450.000
16BOX-TA616BOX-TA308Terminal Box support 6 lines and 16 extensions 500.000
17SK-308 Cable 100.000
18SK-008 Cable 100.000

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